Professional Reliable High Standard

We’re often asked what technologies and programming languages we specialize in and the answer is… whatever is the best technology or language for the specific task.

We diverge from many Software development companies in the logic that we vigorously work to not concentrate in a specific programming language. We endeavor to develop all our engineers into what the industry terms Full Stack Software Engineers.

  • Cost effective
  • Full-Stack Developers Ready
  • Masters of Agile Development
  • Software Industry Leaders
  • People First, Then Technology

We cultivate custom software that helps your business do more. Our skilled development teams shape solutions that make business processes more well-organized, increase customer experience and produce more turnover for our clients.


Our Leadership

Ujjawal (The Guru)

Founder & Director (Technology)

Delivery Champion, Team Motivator, Critical Thinker

Manish (The Gladiator)

AVP, Europe Operations

A Visionary, perfectionist and Creative Scientist

Atul (The Champ)

Technical Architect

A Torch bearer , Active listener & Risk-taking

Our Skills

Check Our Skills

.Net 100%
Java 60%
Python 75%
HTML 100%
CSS 100%
JavaScript 75%
UI Design 90%
Marketing 100%
App Development 75%
PHP 100%
WordPress/CMS 90%
Photoshop 95%